ALSO =  Net Controls don't transmit this: Below when you see "Pause Here", please do the following:  Pause and allow the repeaters to drop out fully so anyone listening that is cross-banding can access the net.  Allow a ten second pause before keying up again.  Take your time we are not in a race.  And when you key back up allow a count of "two thousand" before speaking to give all of the repeaters time to key up with your transmitted carrier.  That way everyone will be able to hear all of your transmitted words.  Your help will make the net more enjoyable for all participants. 

 QST, QST, QST...This is ( Your Call ) Net Control for the Lewis & Clark Amateur Radio Club.




The format of the net is: check-ins, passing traffic, announcements, and welfare.  The club motto is to promote the health and well being of those less fortunate.  The purpose of this net is to encourage community health and involvement together with amateur radio activities. 


The net normally operates on 145.35 repeater.  Alternate repeater if the “three-five” repeater is down, is the 147.32.  In addition to our standard “three five” repeater, for your convenience you may check in on any of following repeaters during the net.  The 444.65 , and 224.500 repeaters.  Which ever one you can hear the best, use that one to check in. 


The Lewis & Clark Amateur Radio Club holds meetings the second Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm at: 

Denny's Restaurant near exit 35 on I-84.  

607 Northside Blvd

Nampa, ID 83687. 


Membership dues are $20 for an individual or family per calendar year.  


Please tell a friend about the club and encourage them to join as well. All amateurs and friends are invited to attend. 


The club website is WWW (dot) K7LCD (dot) org 


This is ( Your Call ), Net control for the Lewis & Clark ARC.   

Net control don't transmit this: “Pause Here”

 We will start check-ins with Board members:


President = NF7T Jake

Past President = NF7T Jake

Vice President = KB7VVD Jim

Director = KK6HFQ Dennis

Please use “Standard ITU Phonetics” when giving your call-sign during the net. 


We will start with Mobile and Portable stations, please come with your call sign, name, & QTH, now. 


Will those hams having call sign suffixes beginning with ( ____ ) please check in now.  (A,B,C,D,E,F)  (G,H,I,J,K) (L,M,N,O,P)  (Q,R,S,T,U)  (V,W,X,Y,Z) 


This is ( Your Call ), net control for the Lewis & Clark ARC. 


Are there any visiting hams for the net? 


Are there any late or missed check-ins? 


Does anyone have any trivia tonight? 


Does anyone have a DX report? 


Are there any announcements or equipment listings or requests for the net? 


This is ( Your Call ), net control for the Lewis & Clark ARC. 

Net control don't transmit this: “Pause Here”

 Is there any news of illness, well-being, or welfare of a ham or friend? 


Is there any further business, questions, or comments for the net? 


I would like to thank everyone for making tonight’s net.  We would like to thank Bernie Valentine KA7EWN, for the use of his remote repeater system and his technical assistance to our net.


This is ( Your Call ), Net Control, closing tonight’s net and returning this frequency to regular radio use. 73’s everyone!

Click Here to download a copy of the net script in PDF format.

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